The Perfect Fit

Hemming & Waist Adjustment
Zipper & Button Replacement
Seam & Hole Repair

Alterations & Repairs!

With Free Pickup & Delivery

Do you have clothes you would love to have mended or hemmed for the perfect fit?

Then let us help!
Waist Adjustment
Zipper Replacement
Button Replacement
Seam Repair
Hole Repair

Just 3 Steps, That's it!

1. Fill Up Your Bag

Place your comforter in a bag for pickup

2. Schedule Your Pickup

Schedule your order online, mobile app or by text and include your alteration instructions.

3. Free Pickup & Delivery

Free contactless service right at your front door.

That's right. with just three simple steps you can have your alterations completed and your garments good as new again. Schedule your pickup today!

Get That Perfect Fit

Let us Handel Your Alterations & Repairs!


Waist Adjustment

Zipper Replacement

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    How do I put in an alteration request?

    Schedule your pickup on the mobile app and include any instructions for the specific garment you would like to have altered or mended or simply drop a note in your garment bag with your item.

    Can I include the item in my regular dry cleaning?

    Absolutely! Make sure to include a note in your bag detailing what you would like to have done and to which item.

    How long does the process take?

    The processing time takes about a week and can be longer depending on the requested alteration.

    How much is Pickup & Delivery?

    Free! We provide our customers with always free pickup & delivery. This service is contactless and available on all dry cleaning and laundry services.

    What are the prices?

    Alteration services start at $5, but send an email to for specific inquiries.

    How do I contact customer support?

    Please email with any questions.