Area Rug Cleaning Atlanta

Area Rug Cleaning Atlanta

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Area Rug Cleaning Atlanta

Fabricare Center offers pickup and delivery for area rug cleaning in Atlanta. Call (770) 396-5325 for a free quote.

Get your area rug picked up and cleaned in Atlanta

Fabricare Center is pleased to offer Free pickup and delivery service in Atlanta. Now you can get those large area rugs picked up, cleaned and returned right to your home.

Spring is right around the corner and its just about time to start the pesky task of cleaning. While year after year we clean out the linen closets and those odd drawers we have around the house, we often forget about those larger items that we use every day. Area and oriental rugs can be one of those few things we forget about even though we wind up walking on them almost every day.

Vacuuming up surface dirt is a great way to prevent excessive dirt from building up it is no substitute for a professional cleaning. Fabricare Center provides a deep cleaning that will help to remove the dust, dirt and grime that builds up over time. With attention to detail, we finely look over the rug for spots and stains and focus on those areas that need more TLC.

So…Why not let Fabricare Center take one more thing of your to do list and let us have your rug cleaned for you. Now you can even have us pick it up right from your home or office for FREE. That’s right FREE pick-up and delivery! With no additional cost to you we can come by your home and pickup your rug have it cleaned and refreshed for you.

Typically our service take around a week from start to finish. Call us to get your rug cleaning started today! (770) 396-5325