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How to clean a beaded dress?

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How to clean a beaded dress

How you care for your more delicate dresses can add years on to their life. And with dresses featuring beads or sequins, this becomes even more important. And if you’re looking to do the cleaning yourself, it becomes even more important to know what you are doing. So below we’ll cover how to clean a beaded dress and keep it looking like new for years to come.

How to clean a beaded dress?

Spot Treat Dirty Areas 

The idea is to avoid cleaning the whole dress and spot treat any stains or dirty areas directly. There is no need to risk washing the entire dress if only the skirt is dirty. To do this you can follow the hand washing directions below.

Hand Wash or Professionally Clean Only

Most more intricate and beaded dresses will recommend either hand washing or dry cleaning the garment. You don’t want to put your dress in a home style washer and dryer. So make sure you properly hand wash or have your dress professionally cleaned. 

How to hand wash a beaded dress?

Fill a tub or sink with cold water and a small amount of gentle detergent. Placing your dress gently and using a light swishing motion. Slowly plunging the area of the dress in and out of the water. You want to avoid rubbing the dress together or roughly with your hands.This can damage the beads or fabric. Rinse the dress in several cool water bathes or under a slow soft flow. 

Drying a Beaded Dress

Start by flipping the dress inside out. Now get a long towel and lay the dress on top of it. Now you are going to roll the wet dress up with the towel. Gently squeezing. Repeat as needed. Next flip the dress to the right side out and then lay on a clean flat surface on another clean dry towel to dry.

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