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How to Clean a Wedding Dress – 5 Must Follow Tips

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Looking for tips on how to clean a wedding dress? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Fabricare Center in Atlanta we’ve been cleaning wedding dresses for over 40 years. So trust us when we say that these are 5 must follow tips to get your wedding dress clean and looking new again.

1. Make Sure to Read the Label on Your Dress

Every wedding dress is different with some having very specific cleaning instruction based on the material and design. Because of this, reading your dress’s tag before you do any cleaning or washing is of the utmost importance. Follow any specific instructions or guidelines thoroughly. Skipping this step could end up ruining your wedding dress.

2. Thoroughly Inspect Your Dress

The most dangerous stain for a wedding dress is the one that you don’t see. Small stains have a habit of finding the perfect hiding spot on your dress. Therefore, make sure to give your wedding dress a thorough inspection for stains and coloring. This includes the hemline and any different layers.

3. Don’t Wait Too Long, Time is of the Essence

The longer a stain sits, the harder it is to get out. This makes it important for you to spot and treat any stains in a timely manner. We recommend taking your dress off as soon as the ceremony is over and cleaning it/arranging to have it professionally cleaned the next day. If your quickly off to your honeymoon arrange for a relative or brides maid to take it in for you.

4. Test Any Spot Cleaner First

Before using any spot treatment or cleaner on you wedding dress you need to make sure and test it first. You can do this by finding a small inconspicuous location to test on. Tip: You can also place a paper towel in between any layers your are trying to clean.

5. Call a Professional

The easiest and safest way to get your wedding dressed cleaned is to to take it to a dry cleaners for a professional cleaning. But remember, not all dry cleaners are created equal. Finding a place that specializes in wedding dress cleaning and preservation in incredibly important. So make sure to do your research and read reviews

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