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How to Wash a Baseball Cap – Hat Cleaning

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How to Wash a Baseball Cap – Hat Cleaning

Whether it’s getting worn on the ball field or around the house. It’s incredible how fast our favorite hats get dirty. Making knowing how to wash a baseball cap correctly an important part of adding years of life to your favorite ball cap.

How to Wash a Baseball Cap

  1. Don’t wash your hat in the dishwasher. This famous trick has a reputation for wearing out hats due to the high heat.
  2. If you use the washer, make sure you use something to keep the shape of the hat. Then air dry.
  3. The safest way to wash your hat is by hand. It’s an easy process, and we will cover how to hand wash your baseball hat below.

Hand Washing your Baseball Cap

What you will need:

  1. Large Bowl or Tub
  2. Small Bowl
  3. Dishwashing detergent
  4. Towles
  5. toothbrush (optional)

You will start by filling up the larger bowl/tub with warm water and a little dish soap. From here you will use the toothbrush, dipping into the water/soap mixture and then working it into any staines. Pre-treating the hat.

Once you are done pre treating any spots you want to address. You are next going to soak the hat in the tub for around 10 minutes. You can also use the toothbrush to agitate and spot treat and staines while the hat is under water.

After the 10 minutes and you are happy with any stains you are trying to remove. You are going to rinse the hat thoroughly with room temp to cool water. You want to get out any remaining soap residue.

Once you have thouroughly rinsed the hat you will now let it air dry. To help keep the form place the smaller bowl upside down and place the hat on top to dry. This will help maintaine the hats form.

The Easiest Way to get Your Baseball Hat Cleaned

Why hand washing your baseball cap is easy, its even easier to have us clean your hats for you!

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