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How to Wash a Pillow – Bedding Cleaning Tips

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One of the most important things you can do when it comes to cleaning your bedding is washing your pillows. It’s recommended that you do this twice a year, while most go years before we wash or replace them. But cleaning your pillows is much easier than you think. So let’s review how to wash a pillow.

How to Wash a Pillow

Step 1: Remove the Case

Remove your pillow case. Some pillows will have an extra zip case that will need to be removed also before washing.

Step 2: Read the Tag

Once you have all the cases removed, make sure you read the tag. This is very important. Some pillows are dry clean only, others will have specific instructions. These may include water temperatures, cycle strength, and drying instructions. Always follow what is recommended on the tag. Especially if the pillow says dry cleaning only (see below).

Step 3: Place your Pillow in the Washing Machine

For most pillows (unless the tag states otherwise) you are perfectly safe placing your pillows into the washing machine. We recommend placing 2-3 pillows in to help balance the load.

Step 4: Add Detergent and Set your Cycle

Again, make sure you are reading your pillows tag or label before this step for specific instructions. Otherwise add your favorite washing detergent and set the cycle to normal or delicate, hot water, and double rinse (if the option is available).

Step 5: Place your Pillow(s) Into the Dryer

Once in the dryer set the machine to “low heat” or “air fluff/no heat”.

Dry Clean Only Pillows

For pillows labeled dry clean only it is important to take them to the professionals unless you want to risk ruining the pillow. We offer free pickup and delivery in Metro Atlanta for all of your dry cleaning and dry clean only pillows.

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