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How to Wash a Sweater – By Fabric

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How to Wash a Sweater - By Fabric

Everyone has their favorite sweater. And with proper maintenance and care, that sweater can last for years. So today we’ll be looking at how to wash a sweater. Breaking down the different fabrics types and care instructions. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments below

How to Wash a Sweater – by Fabric

Acrylic Sweaters

Cleaning an acrylic sweater requires a few precautions due to the way heat can affect the acrylic fibers. Often made to look like real wool, it’s important to check the tags, looking for the word “acrylic.” If it is, you will have to take some care when drying. Preferably you will dry the sweater by laying it on a flat surface. Or, if the labels say it’s ok, in a dryer on a delicate low heat setting. 

Angora Sweaters

Angora is known for its incredibly soft feel. It’s also known for how delicate setting can cause how delicate it can be to wash without causing shrinking. Even the best washing machines can cause Angora to shrink. Because of this it’s recommended to spot treat and/or hand wash and lay flat to air dry.

Camel’s Hair / Cashmere / Mohair Sweaters

Incredibly soft forms of wool. Camel’s hair, cashmere, and mohair are high end fabrics that are often blended with wool for added strength. Because of their delicate nature matting, pilling, and shrinkage are common problems caused by incorrect care. With these fabrics it is important to read the label and most will be “dry clean only.”

Wool Sweaters

Possibly the most popular fabric for sweaters. Wool comes from sheep’s hai and is a string, soft, and durable fabric. Even with that said, it’s important to read the tag and treat wool sweaters properly. If the tag says hand clean only, then you hand wash and lay flat to try. And “cry clean only” obviously means take it to the dry cleaners