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How to Wash Jeans – Home Laundry Tips

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A valuable part of most people’s wardrobe, there is something special about that perfect fitting pair of jeans. But how do you keep that favorite pair of denim looking good for years to come? Today we’ll look at how to wash jeans the right way. Keeping them looking good wash after wash.

How to Wash Jeans

1. Read the Tag

One of the first thing you want to do before washing any piece of clothing is read the tag. With jeans you are looking for them being labeled “pre-shrunk” or “pre-faded.” If they do not say this, then there is a chance that your jeans are “Raw Denim.” This is the term for jeans that have not been pre-washed or had the die set. This will allow your new jeans to conform to your body. While developing a wear pattern unique to your jeans. If you do have raw denim then following step two is even more important as they are known to bleed die for the first few washes.

2. New Jeans are Known for Bleeding Ink

New jeans are freshly died and a a lot of times there is extra (loose) die left on the fabric. To prevent this from bleeding onto your other clothes, either soak your new jeans in the tub in cold water. Or wash them alone on a cold water gentle cycle. You may need to do this more than once to get rid of all the excess die.

3. Turn your Jeans Inside Out Before Washing

Turning your jeans inside out before washing will do a couple of things. Since the majority of the die is on the outside of your jeans, turning them inside out will prevent friction against other clothes cause the die to transfer. This will also keep your jeans from fading over time. Especially for darker colored denim.

4. Wash your Jeans on Gentle in Cold Water

While denim is a very durable that doesn’t mean you should treat it that way. Using the gentile cycle an cold water when washing your jeans will help prevent shrinking and keep the color from fading after multiple washes.

5. Let Them Air Dry

It’s not secret the heat can cause damage to fabric and that’s exactly why it’s better to let your jeans hang dry rather than tossing them into the dryer. And while one time may not hurt your favorite denim, the repeated heat of the drying cycle can cause fading and yellowing over time.

6. DON’T Wash Your Jeans After Every Wear

This may sound counter intuitive to keeping your jeans looking new. But jeans do not need to be washed at the same frequency as other fabrics that tend to absorb stains faster. So keep the washing to a minimum and spot treat stains if necessary.