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Organic Dry Cleaning Atlanta

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Organic Dry Cleaning Atlanta

There have been a growing number of “organic dry cleaning Atlanta” cleaners popping up in over the past few years. And we are commonly asked what exactly organic dry cleaning means. We’ll cover the basics, giving you the knowledge to understand what’s being used on your clothes and how they are being processed.

Organic Dry Cleaning Atlanta

The word “organic” has become a popular buzzword in food and other products. While organic can have many benefits, especially as it relates to food, when it comes to complex compounds and cleaning detergents, it doesn’t carry quite the same meaning. For example, both gasoline and paint thinner are organic compounds. Do you want these used on your clothing? The truth is, when it comes to dry cleaning, the term organic can be very misleading. Many dry cleaners that promote themselves as organic, in fact aren’t organic at all!

What you need to know about Eco Friendly and Organic dry cleaning

Currently in the dry cleaning industry there are 3 types of cleaning methods that are classified as “Eco Friendly”, and 2 (1 still in production) classified as organic.

1. C02 Cleaning

C02 cleaning is often mentioned in older articles and we have had some customers ask about this process. While organic and eco-friendly, C02 cleaning proved to be so expensive that the equipment required to process garments this way is no longer being made. 

2. Wet Cleaning

Wet cleaning is another organic and eco-friendly cleaning method. This process is used by some dry cleaners. The process of wet cleaning tends to be very involved, time consuming and requires a lot of manual labor, this translates into being more costly than traditional dry cleaning.

3. GreenEarth Cleaning Solution

GreenEarth Cleaning Solution is a non toxic, non hazardous, eco friendly option that dry cleaners can opt to use. While technically non organic (using man made sand) the product has been rated non toxic for human use.


At Fabricare Center Cleaners we are proud to use GreenEarth cleaning solution. It is both the best choice for the environment and our customers. This allows us to use an eco-friendly, green solution while being able to offer the service to all of our dry cleaning clients at an affordable price.

If you have any questions about organic dry cleaning in Atlanta, please feel free to send us a message!