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Should you Wash Clothes Before Wearing Them?

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Should you Wash Clothes Before Wearing Them

One of the most common questions we get in regards to new clothing is, “should you wash new clothes before wearing them?” And while I’ve heard arguments for both sides. We here at Fabricare Center Cleaners always recommend that you wash new clothes before wearing them. So let’s find out why!

Should you wash clothes before wearing them?

According to clothing manufacturing expert Lana Hogue, she told Elle magazine “You should absolutely wash clothes before you wear them, especially anything that is right next to the skin or that you will sweat on.”

As it turns out the process of making clothes can involve more chemicals (some toxic) than most people realize. Of course the clothing you wear will be covered in dies. But clothes are also often sprayed with an anti-mildew agent. And depending on the country of origin, these can contain chemicals like formaldehyde. 

These chemicals are low enough in concentration that it is assumed they will dissipate over time through washing. But if you don’t wash your clothes and wear them first. Your sweat can cause those chemicals to come off onto your skin.

So forget worrying about the people that tried on the clothes before you. The real reason to wash your clothes before wearing them is to remove anything left over from the manufacturing process. And this is even more important with cheaper clothes made in certain foreign countries.

Should you dry clean Clothes Before Wearing Them

Should you dry clean clothes before wearing them?

Many dry clean only clothes go through the same manufacturing process as mentioned above. And it goes to reason that you would want to get those chemicals off of your clothes. So yes, dry cleaning your clothes before you wear them is a good idea. Just make sure your cleaners are using an eco-friendly dry cleaning detergent, like us. This is important when looking for the best options for your skin and the planet. You can find out more about the Green Earth detergent that we use by clicking here.

And if you’re in the Metro Atlanta area we offer free pickup & delivery on wash & fold and dry cleaning.