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What is GreenEarth Cleaning – And Why It’s Better

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Fabricare Center Cleaners is proud to use GreenEarth Cleaning solution at our facility. Not only is it better for the environment when compared to typical dry cleaning solutions. It is also more gentle on clothes fabrics and colors. Leaving no toxic residue that may come in contact with your skin. But what is GreenEarth Cleaning? This is a question we get a lot so today we are going to look into it a little more.

What is GreenEarth Cleaning Solution

GreenEarth Cleaning solutions is a silicone based cleaning agent. It is basically liquefied sand. And has been recognized as safe for the environment for air, water, and soil release by the EPA.

This is important because the majority of cleaners (roughly 80%) use the cleaning solvent perchloroethylene. Otherwise known as “Perc.” This solvent has been classified as a Toxic Air Contaminant by the EPA. Is classified as a likely carcinogen. And must be monitored because it can contaminate ground soil and water.

Why is GreenEarth Better For Your Clothes

Most importantly GreenEarth Cleaning is completely non-toxic. Meaning you can rub it against your skin without any issue at all. This is important because it is going to be in your clothes. So overall it’s better for your health and the environment.

Next, GreenEarth has a lower surface tension than traditional cleaning solutions. This allows it to more effectively penetrate the fabrics in your clothes. Increasing it’s ability to clean more thoroughly.

GreenEarth Cleaning solution is also chemically inert. Meaning it wont react with other textile materials or dies in the cleaning process. This minimizes even the most small of abrasions to the fabric reducing wear over time.