Fall Cleaning

Cooler Weather is Coming!
Prevent Lasting Stains & Insect Damage Before Storing
Have your garments cleaned to remove hidden sugar, oil and perspiration stains before storing for the fall season. 

Fall Cleaning!

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Do you have summer clothes that need cleaning before storing for fall and winter?

Then let us help!
Our cleaning process removes sugar, oil and perspiration stains that can cause lasting damage to your garments. Even though many of these stains may be invisible, over time these hidden stains will deteriorate fabrics and attract moths (invisible to the naked eye) that feed on the stains and create holes.

Just 3 Steps, That's it!

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3. Free Pickup & Delivery

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That's right. with just three simple steps you can have your fall cleaning completed and your garments good as new again and ready to store. Schedule your pickup today!

Protect Your Clothing

Let Us Clean Your Garments Prior to Storing



Protect Your Clothing

Let Us Clean Your Garments Prior to Storing

Sugar Stains

Oil Stains

Perspiration Stains

Insect Damage

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What causes insect holes in garments?

Insects are usually attracted to fabrics stained with food, beverages, perspiration, and oils from the skin and hair. While feeding on a stain, the insects also cut or weaken the surface fibers. When the item is cleaned the fibers are flushed away and the damage becomes more apparent. 

How can I store my winter garments?

Moth and insect infestation bears a direct relationship to temperature increases in the storage area so items should be stored in a cool, dry place. 

Can I use cedar to prevent damage?

Storing garments in cedar chests with mothballs is also helpful, though the garments may require airing and washing to eliminate the mothball odor.

What are these mysterious yellow stains?

Stains from juices, beer, soft drinks, tea, coffee or other foods or beverages that contain tannin or sugars can cause stains to develop during storage through oxidation. These stains were probably invisible when the garments were put away. Once the stain has been left in the fabric, it oxidizes and becomes apparent as time passes.

How much is Pickup & Delivery?

Free! We provide our customers with always free pickup & delivery. This service is contactless and available on all dry cleaning and laundry services.

How do I contact customer support?

Please email help@fcdrycleaners.com with any questions.