Get Lockers In Your Building!

Fabricare Center lockers are a convenient amenity to add to any property. Your residents, tenants and employees can have the benefits of dry cleaning, wash and fold, alterations and all the great services that we provide, with 24/7 access. The small, customizable footprint allows placement in any building while providing an easy-to-use service, guaranteed to differentiate you from the competition.

Free Service for Your Building

Fabricare Center will design a custom layout to fit your property. There are no charges for setup, maintenance, servicing or for the users of the lockers.

No Maintenance, No Hassle

No utilities or Wifi is needed to operate the lockers. Our staff comes by routinely to maintain the lockers, making sure they look as good as the day we installed them.

Differentiate Your Property From the Competition

Having a property that contains our lockers provides a desirable amenity that can help differentiate your property from the competition, and get your building rented quickly.

User Friendly App

Have the services of a full dry cleaning store onsite three easy steps to complete any order form your phone. App available for both Apple and Android.

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