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March Newsletter 2022

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Spring Is In The Air!

Ben Feingold | Fabricare Center Owner

Spring is almost here and that means spending lots of time outside with family and friends. The chilly winter temps are on their way out making it the perfect time to entertain outdoors again. The beautiful spring weather is always such a welcome change with the start of this new season. 

With the nicer temperatures, my wife and I love dining al fresco, playing in the backyard with our little boy, and entertaining guests for springtime holidays, cocktail parties, and other fun festivities that make this time of year so much fun. Spring in Atlanta really cannot be beat! 

If you’re like my family and plan on spending lots of time in your backyard this season, let Fabricare Center help spruce things up by cleaning your patio cushions. Our expert cleaners will spot treat your cushions for mold, mildew, and grease spots. Our alterations department will also take a look to see if they have any tears or loose threads or ties that need to be resewn. We will send your cushions back to you looking as good as new. Give your patio the refresh that it needs this Spring!

As I mentioned, we get immense joy from spending time outdoors. Springtime in Atlanta is especially gorgeous as the dogwoods start blooming and the azaleas, daffodils, and tulips start sprouting up. This Spring, you can find us taking hikes on some of our favorite local trails, attending our son’s soccer games, visiting various playgrounds in the area, enjoying picnics, and attending some of the fun neighborhood art festivals that start popping up in the months ahead. 

Protecting the environment is one of Fabricare Center’s core values. We thought we’d share a little bit about our best environmental practices with you. Fabricare Center is proud to use GreenEarth cleaning solution to treat our garments. Silicone based, this environmentally non-toxic, non-hazardous solution is extremely gentle and a great alternative to petro chemicals. This solution is designed to ensure the best possible result for fabrics and the environment. Using GreenEarth is just one way we can do our part to protect the beautiful planet we live on. 

Now that spring is upon us, get outside, savor those warmer temps, enjoy nature’s beauty, and create special memories with family and friends!

Warm regards,

5 Ways to Incorporate Self-Care into Your Routine

Day-to-day life involves responsibilities that can lead many to feel overwhelmed. In fact, a survey from CNBC found more than half of U.S. women (53%) are experiencing burnout. To counter the stresses of everyday life, DOVE Chocolate recommends these tips to show yourself compassion and take time to nurture your ­well-being.

Try a New (or Old) Hobby

Setting aside “me time” can help you recharge and show yourself the compassion you show others while nurturing your interests. Create a list of things you’ve been telling yourself you’ll try, whether it’s starting to paint, trying a cooking class or picking up a good book, and give yourself permission to take time to pursue your interests.

Incorporate a Treat into Your Day

When days feel long, incorporating a favorite treat can give you something to look forward to. This could be a phone call with a friend, catching up on your favorite show or indulging in a favorite goodie, which are three times the size of original Promises and come in Dark Chocolate and Peanut Butter and Milk Chocolate and Caramel varieties.

Spend Time Outdoors

Whether setting aside time for an afternoon stroll or mixing up your morning commute by walking, time spent outdoors can provide benefits for your well-being. In fact, spending time in nature has been shown to decrease feelings of loneliness and can have a positive impact on mood.

Block Off Your Calendar

Getting caught up in day-to-day responsibilities is easy, and many feel the burden of obligations to family, work and communities. Remember you also have an obligation to yourself and your well-being, so be intentional by setting aside time for yourself without other distractions. Whether it’s taking time off work or making plans for a vacation or staycation, nurture yourself the way you care for those around you.

Start a Routine

Starting (or ending) your day with a self-care routine can be a relaxing practice that helps you reinforce your wellness and values. Your routine can incorporate skin care, a gratitude practice or mindfulness techniques – anything that makes you feel grounded as a manageable addition to your day.

Citrus Breakfast Toast

Prep time: 13 minutes

Cook time: 2 minutes

Servings: 2

Prune Puree:

  • 16 ounces pitted California Prunes
  • 1/2 cup hot water
  • 1 large citrus fruit, peels and piths removed with knife, sliced into rounds
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons raw sugar
  • 4 tablespoons sunflower butter
  • 2 slices whole-grain sourdough bread, toasted to desired darkness
  • 2 tablespoons prune puree
  • 1 tablespoon sunflower seeds
  • 2 California Prunes, finely diced
  1. To make prune puree: In blender, pulse prunes and water to combine then blend until smooth, pourable consistency forms, scraping sides, if necessary.
  2. Store in airtight container up to 4 weeks.
  3. To make bruleed citrus wheels: Place citrus wheels on baking sheet and divide sugar evenly among each piece.
  4. Using circular motion, pass flame of culinary torch repeatedly over sugar until it boils and turns lightly charred and amber.
  5. To build toast: Spread 2 tablespoons sunflower butter on each piece of toast. Top each with 1 tablespoon prune puree spread evenly across sunflower butter. Sprinkle each evenly with sunflower seeds and diced prunes. Top each with half broiled citrus and serve.

Alteration: Use broiler set on high instead of culinary torch to caramelize sugar.

5 Family Staycation Ideas that Won’t Break Your Budget

Family vacations are a great way to bond and take a step back from the hectic schedules that accompany everyday life, but sometimes time or money (or both) make planning an elaborate trip a non-starter.

However, a staycation – a vacation you take right in your hometown (or nearby) – can be much less expensive and fit into nearly any amount of available time with the added bonus of skipping out on potentially stressful travel.

Visit local landmarks. Just because it’s not a traditional vacation doesn’t mean you can’t pretend to be tourists. Start by visiting the places you recommend to friends and family from out of town or pick up a city guidebook to uncover hidden spots you may not even know exist. Make a plan to seek out historic sites, visit local landmarks like museums or try an out-of-the-way restaurant (or two) you’ve never eaten at before.

Camp out in the backyard. Camping doesn’t have to be done far from home. In fact, it can be done right in your own backyard. Pitch a tent to sleep under the stars and plan a night full of traditional camping activities like roasting s’mores, telling spooky stories by flashlight and trying to identify stars and constellations.

Set up a picnic in the park. Pack a basket with sandwiches, fruit and other treats and head to the park. You can enjoy a casual meal then take advantage of the open space for a family walk or game of tag before retreating to the playground to let the little ones expel any leftover energy.

Have a home spa day. If you’re looking for some relaxation but don’t want to splurge on the full spa treatment, plan an at-home oasis instead. Light some candles, run a bubble bath and break out the facial masks and fingernail polish.

Visit an amusement park. No matter where you live, there’s probably an amusement or water park within driving distance. A quick online search before you arrive can help prepare a strategy for hitting the most popular thrill rides and waterslides while skipping those that may not provide quite the same entertainment value.

Easy, Affordable Bathroom Upgrades

Long among the most popular areas for homeowners to undertake improvement projects, bathrooms can be some of the easiest rooms in the house to renovate without spending a fortune.

If you’re looking to update one of the most-used spaces in your home, consider these easy and cost-effective ways to give your bathroom a facelift.

Accessorize with Color

There are numerous ways to create a new look without lifting any tools. Replacing linens and other soft surfaces like rugs, window treatments and shower curtains can help brighten up your space. Adding a fresh coat of paint is another low-cost way to modify the look and feel of a space. With a variety of paint colors and finishes to choose from, you can add a splash of color as an accent or go all out to create depth and contrast.

Update Cabinetry and Light Fixtures

Keeping your existing vanity and other bathroom cabinetry, especially if they’re in good condition, can be a cheaper option than replacing all the cabinets. To create an updated look, add a different coat of stain or paint, replace the hardware and add pullout shelving or drawer dividers.

Replacing old, out-of-date light fixtures with modern, efficient options – including the appropriate bulb selections for each fixture – is another cost-effective way to help the space look and feel brighter.

Install a Heated Towel Rack

Consider investing in a multi-purpose appliance to help refresh the look of your area. For example, a heated towel rack can save time and money while providing comfort and convenience. Some freestanding models come ready to use and take as little as 5 minutes to set up.

Swap Out Decor and Accessories

A quick, inexpensive way to transform your bathroom is to update the decor and other design elements. Installing a new toilet seat, faucet or showerhead and adding matching accessories, such as a toilet paper holder, shower control knobs or a toothbrush holder, can make the space feel new and interesting. For even more impact, add artwork that matches the theme of the room, greenery or floating shelving.

Add Accent Tile

You can create a luxurious look with your backsplash, flooring or shower by adding a pop of colorful tile. Cheaper than purchasing an entire room’s worth of tile, creating a chevron or herringbone pattern in one of these oft-seen areas of the bathroom can make a fresh statement.

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