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How To Store Table Linens Properly


How To Store Table Linens Properly

One of the more common questions we receive in the store this time of year is in regards to how to store table linens properly, for long periods. With the holidays coming up and people starting to pull out their linens from storage it becomes clear that there has to be a better way. So to help you and others with tips on pre-storage, proper ways to cover, storing flat or hanging, we’ve put together a quick guide to storing your linens.

How To Store Table Linens

Just two steps, when followed properly will keep your linens looking new for years to come.


The most important step in storing table linens is making sure that they are properly cleaned before you store them. Make sure you check for and treat and major stains and wash your table linen thoroughly. Often the easier step is to have your linen dry cleaned and press by a professional. This is typically the best pre-storage practice.

Where & Ways to Store Your Linens

It is best to store your table linens in a cool, dark, and well ventilated area. There are typically two ways to store your linens, flat or hanging. Below are some tips for both.

Storing Your Linens Flat

Place the same tissue paper between the folds. You want to “soften” the folds to prevent long term creases. Never fold them crisp for an extended period. And it’s good to shake them out a few times a year.

Hanging Your Linens

When hanging your linens make sure to use padded hangers with one linen to a hanger. If you cover your linens make sure to use white 100% cotton, never use a plastic bag. Fore longer pieces it may be best to use an over the door hanger.

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