Wedding Dress Restoration Atlanta


Prices starting at $500

  • Consultation to instruct on cleaning methods and procedures
  • Expert cleaning and spotting
  • Restoration processing to restore color
  • Review of cleaning
  • Hand pressing
  • Preserved in a Musuem Quality Wedding Gown Box
  • Delivery or in store pickup

Atlanta Wedding Dress Restoration Experts

Bring new life to your wedding gown. Allow our Atlanta Wedding dress restoration experts to restore your precious family heirloom. Make what was old, new again. We are a family owned and operated business. Understanding the value of passing something meaningful down from one generation to the next. Above all, our seasoned team of experts have years of experience cleaning and restoring vintage and antique gowns. Trust your wedding dress to those who care.

We will remove the yellowing, staining, and aging that your gown has endured over the years. As a result, restoring your beautiful, timeless wedding dress to its original beauty. Then preserved your wedding gown in a Musuem Quality Wedding Gown Box or your choosing to keep forever.

Trust your wedding dress to those who care.  With over 40 years serving the Atlanta area.

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