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Tide Cleaners vs Fabricare Center Cleaners – Atlanta Dry Cleaning

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Atlanta Dry Cleaning Tide Cleaners vs Fabricare Center Cleaners

Today we are going to take a look at the two most popular delivery dry cleaning brands in metro Atlanta. One is the big name on the block. With franchises in over a dozen cities and a recognizable logo. The other is local classic. With over 40 years in the dry cleaning business.

At first glance there are some major differences between the two brands. But what about the services? Let’s take a look at some of the key features and what offerings each of the brands provide to their customers.

Tide Cleaners vs Fabricare Center Cleaners – Atlanta Dry Cleaning

OptionsTide Cleaners Fabricare Center Cleaners
Free Pickup & DeliveryNoYes
Does their Own CleaningNo. Tide drops your clothes
off at one of their independently
owned franchisee or the cheapest available cleaner.
This can be a different location
each time and there is no over site quality control from anyone at Tide.
Yes. All of cleaning is done
onsite at Fabricare Center’s
owned factory in
Sandy Springs.
Highest Rated CleanersNo. Tide Cleaners currently
does not list a “location” in google
to receive reviews. And their yelp reviews are 2.5 stars or lower for every Atlanta location.
Yes. Fabricare Center is on
Google reviews. And is metro Atlanta’s
highest rated cleaners.
Mobile AppYesYes
Phone & In-Person
Customer Support
No. Tides general customer support
will not be at the same location or
have been involved in cleaning your clothes
Yes. You can call or visit
Fabricare Center
during business hours.
100% Satisfaction GuaranteeNoYes
Family Owned & Operated No. Your clothes will be cleaned by
a privately owned franchisee or another facility that offers the cheapest rates.
Yes. They been family owned
and operated for over 40 years.


It has come to my attention after writing this that Tide Cleaners (who also owned PressBox) has closed its Atlanta cleaning locations and now not listing any Metro Atlanta dry cleaning facilities on their website. It seems as though between the bad reviews and pandemic that they could not survive.

That said, Tide Cleaners is still operating lockers at many office and residential buildings. These “Tide” boxes are not serviced or cleaned by Tide Cleaners. Another company is servicing them under the Tide name. So where are your clothes really going?

On the other hand, Fabricare Center Cleaners has been in business in the Atlanta area for 40+ years, are Atlanta’s highest rated cleaners, and do all of their own cleaning at their own facility.

Which service would you trust more?